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Get started with Automated Response Handling

Constantly archiving, validating and rejecting responses can be a tedious job. To make this easier, we are introducing Automated Response Handling.

Automated Response Handling is a handy set of rules that completely takes over the approval, rejection or archiving of reviews from you. That saves time! The ruling is fully customizable per survey and can even be used on multiple surveys simultaneously. You can use the ruling for 10 types of conditions.

How to set up Automated Response Handling

To use Automated Response Handling, go to the Inbox page in your Insocial environment. Click on the 'Automated Response Handling' button on the top right of the screen. To create a new rule, click 'Create a new response handling rule'.

Give your rule a name and select the survey this rule should apply to.

Time to fill in the logic. Select a trigger (condition) from the list. You have 10 different options to choose from and can easily set and/or rules by clicking the plus sign to the right of the 'if' rule.

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Select what the ruling should do (action) by choosing an action from the list. You can choose from 3 options: archive, approve publication and reject publication. 

To save your Automated Response Handling, click 'Next' at the bottom right of the screen. On the next page, you will see an overview of the rules you just set up. Looking good? Then click 'Finish'. Your rule is now live. 


Side note when using Automated Response Handling

When using this feature, keep the following in mind:

  • The rule applies from all responses generated after the rule was created. Responses that came in before the rule was created cannot be included and will have to be manually archived, rejected or approved.
  • The rule only applies to responses collected in the selected environment and cannot be used in multiple environments.