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How can I make a multilingual survey?

You can make a multilingual survey by adding your own translations. The survey questions are displayed in the language of the browser, or the respondent can switch between languages himself using the little flag in the survey.

First you build your survey as written in How can I make a survey? Is this survey ready? Then you can add the translations. This can be done in 2 ways:

  1. Open the survey and click 'Manage languages' under the heading 'survey translations'.
  2. Click 'edit survey' and click 'translate'.

Now you can select a language and see every part of the survey that needs to be translated.

Note 1: You can only save the survey when all fields are filled in. If you want to save intermediary, we recommend to fill in a space-holder in every field such as a period. 

Note 2: On some pages you find chuncks of html tekst. You need to copy this text (and replace it by your translation) in order to maintain the layout. 

You can keep adding new languages in the same way. 



When you ask for feedback in multiple languages, it is useful to display the reviews in one language. Take the following steps to do this:

You can set up the reporting language under 'survey details', klick 'reporting language'. 

Note: Set up that you are going to collect responses. This setup works from the moment you set it up and does not have retroactive effect.

What is being translated:

  • Inbox overview and responses: the switch is standard on reporting language
  • Report: Questions and answers in reporting language
  • Open feedback: switch for original language and reporting language
  • CLF emails: visible in original language and reporting language