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How do I use the Action Center?

In the Action Center you will receive a notification every day when the average scores of the past 24 hours are higher or lower than normal.

What trends can you recognize in your survey data? This is easy to see in the Action Center. To open the Action Center, click on the links in your menu on 'Notifications'. The Action Center displays all notifications developed in the current environment for the logged-in user. It works for all types of experiences, but defaults when measuring SX, CX, and UX. This is because BX and EX surveys are usually measured 1 to 4 times a year and won't generate as much data.

Notifications are generated at three different levels, namely:
- Surveys
- Email invitations
- Specific questions

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Notifications on survey level

Survey-level notifications are created when the average total score of a survey over the past X hours deviates more than X percent from the average over a set period, or from all time.

Example: A notification is sent when the total score of the past 24 hours deviates by 40% from the average score of the past 90 days. 

To indicate which notification has a high, medium or low priority, you're able to set 3 different percentages. For example, with a low priority, the deviation can be 10% and with a high priority, 45%. In order to signal trends in time, a notification can also be sent by e-mail at a self-chosen percentage.

Notifications on question level

Receiving question-level notifications is much the same as survey-level notifications, the only major difference is that these notifications relate to the score of a specific question.

Notifications on email invites

In addition to notifications of deviations from survey results, you can also receive notifications of deviations in email invites. The average is always measured over weekdays. With this notification, you're able to measure daily whether the number of email invites deviates more than a set percentage from the average of the same weekday over the past x weeks.

Example: Survey X is sent to 400 people on Monday. The data shows that the average of the previous 8 Mondays was an average of 600 invites. The difference here is 33%. Based on previously set percentages, a notification is created with an average importance.

Setting new rules for notifications

Survey and invite rules are created by default for all users for the CX, SX and UX surveys. Other rules can also be created manually. To do that, click on 'Notification rules' in the top right corner. You will now be given the choice at which level you want to create a rule.

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After choosing the level, you can set a rule yourself, or choose a default score from the library.

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When you create a new notification rule, you can set the rule to your own liking. Start with a name for your rule, select the trigger type for your rule, select the survey to which this rule applies, select the duration of your notifications and the minimum number of responses for activating the trigger.

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Click 'Next'. Now fill in the importance thresholds using percentages appropriate to the priority. For example, a high priority applies to a deviation of 45% or more, a medium priority to a 30%-45% deviation and a low priority to a 10%-30% deviation. Set the time frame as the average over which the deviation is measured. Do you also want to receive email notifications at a certain importance threshold? Then set it here.

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Complete your new rule. The first measurements are in your action center the next morning.

Note: All rules you create are unique to your environment and your account and therefore do not apply to colleagues who work in the same environment.