How does the NPS/NLS quadrant work?

When you question both the Net promoter Score and the Net Loyalty Score, you can compare them against one another in order to find out how loyal your customer groups really are.

You can read more background information about the NPS/NLS quadrant in our blog. 


Step 1. 

Go to insights in the main menu and click 'Brand experience' and 'BX driver analysis'. 

Select the right survey at 'Channel' and select which metadata you want to compare to one another at 'Metadata'. For example the clients from different branches, different client subscriptions and different products. 

Note; the quadrant only works when you select metadata and when there have been collected enough responses per metadata, because you need average values from groups in order to be able to compare them. 

Step 2.

In this example we compare clients to one another who have different product types. 

What do the different blocks mean?

A low NPS score and a high NLS score = Trapped loyalty

The client is not content enough to recommend you to others, but apparently content enough to return himself. Other factors can also have an influence. Does the client, for example, not have another choice to use the service at your company? Or does the client return due to convenience or price benefit and not because he really appreciates the experience?

A high NPS score and a high NLS score = Pure loyalty

The client recommends you to others and returns! This is a real ambassador or your brand who will remain your client for a long time. 

A high NPS score and a low NLS score = False loyalty

In this case, the client wants to recommend you to others (is very content). But the respondent would not return and make use of your service again. Keep in mind that other factors, like locations can have an influence on this. 

A low NPS score and a low NLS score = Disloyalty

This means that the client will not recommend you to others and will not return himself either. A very dissatisfied client who is not loyal at all. 


Good luck!