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Menu instruction

Menu layout from Insocial explained


An overview page with useful links and inspiring content.


This is where all feedback comes in and where you can manage it. With the filter option you can look easily through all responses. Edit the metadata, label it and you are ready for publication. 


Here you can see all the notifications of the trend deviations. Keep an eye out on these!                 Still missed one? No worries, you will also receive an email from us with a trend-alert. 

Text analyses

Do you take NLP (Natural Language Processing) with us? You can find the reports of your text analyses here. 


Out of data? Want to build your own reports? Or, schedule these via email? This - and more - can be done under the heading reports. 


Making new surveys, edit them or put them on hold? Here you can find everything about surveys.

Invites & channels

Under this menu you can read everything about API, track the email deliveries and send feedback invitations manually.   

Publication options

Invoke external connections? Create narrowcasting? Posting reviews on your own website? You can find it all here. 


Closed loop feedback

Do you want to trigger an action like an email at a certain score? Or to an answer to a certain question? You can find this at closed loop feedback. Read all about how closed loop feedback works. 


Under ruling you determine amongst other how often one can receive a survey and for how long the URL is valid. You can set various rules under ruling. Read all about creating business rules.

Invites templates

Here you can find and adjust all email templates. Your customer Success Manager would love to help you to get started in case you would like some support. 


Do you have several working environments? Switch between different environments here. 


You can create accounts with the right roles and rights here.